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BikeAbout-the Mediterranean was a nine-month, 11,000-kilometer circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea... by bicycle. The BikeAbout team visited Israel on December 12, 1997 and from January 12, 1998 to January 22, 1998. To read about what happened, see any of the following trip dispatches:

bulletDecember 12, 1997, Ashqelon, Israel
Topics: challah (food), Sabbath, ancient Ashqelon, Philistine city-states, Crusades, exchange rates, security checkpoints, vegetation, environmentalism
bulletJanuary 12, 1998, Jerusalem
Topics: fat (food), battlefields from 1947-48 War for Independence, group reunification, rare Israeli snow storm, geography
bulletJanuary 13, 1998, Jerusalem
Topics: humus (food), Temple Mount, Mount Moriah, Dome of the Rock, Herod, Jerusalem, HISTORY, Crusades, Hadrian, Alexander the Great, Ottoman Empire, Diaspora
bulletJanuary 14, 1998, Jerusalem
Topics: labaneh (food), Benny and Esther van Vlymen (People of the Day), Jerusalem by ofnayim/bike, Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), Cinematheque, metal monies and symbols
bulletJanuary 15, 1998, Jerusalem
Topics: education/arts, Arab/Israeli exchange, social change organizations, "Healing the World"
bulletJanuary 16-17, 1998, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Topics: pomelo (food), shabbat, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, HISTORY, Jerusalem for Bikes, Tel Aviv for Bikers, Challenge Ride
bulletJanuary 18, 1998, Tel Aviv, Israel
Topics: bagel (food), military history, military service, bicycle advocacy, Diaspora
bulletJanuary 19, 1998, Givat Haviva, Israel
Topics: Green Line, cornflakes (food), Givat Haviva, equality and understanding
bulletJanuary 20, 1998, Haifa, Israel
Topics: bamba (food), friendship, peaceful coexistence, Caesarea Roman Amphitheater & Crusader City
bulletJanuary 21-22, 1998, Haifa, Israel
Topics: kebabs (food), 'Akko (Acre), Ptolomy, Crusades, History, "making Aliya", Mt. Carmel, Baha'ism

In addition to reading these dispatches, we encourage you to visit these resources:

bulletBikeAbout Israel Scrapbook
Photos and sounds gathered by the BikeAbout team; maps of Israeli coast.
bulletAbout Israel
Basic facts about Israel's government, economy, and people; links to other sources of information on the 'Net. Compiled by BikeAbout.

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