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Several organizations joined with BikeAbout in the effort to use technology and sport to bring people together:

bulletPresenting Partners
bulletPresenting Sponsors
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Presenting Partners

Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Computer Curriculum Corporation (a unit of Simon & Schuster) applied its educational software and services know-how to the design of interactive student projects using the materials developed by BikeAbout and, based on national education standards, for use in the classroom. [For more information, please read our press release.]

Presenting Sponsors

Daedalus Design Group
Daedalus Design Group Daedalus Design Group, a Web design shop, is pleased to have designed, produced, and maintained the BikeAbout Web site in cooperation with BikeAbout's volunteer translators, programmers, researchers and artists.

Gold Sponsors

CompaqThroughout the Mediterranean Journey, the BikeAbout riders used the Compaq Presario 1090ES. Compaq was proud to be a key sponsor of the Computer Curriculum Corporation/eDscape Mediterranean Fieldtrip and BikeAbout–the Mediterranean, both projects committed to giving educators and students a world of education tools that brings a universe of learning right into the classroom.

Silver Sponsors

Selle Royal
Selle RoyalSelle Royal, makers of bicycle saddles for racing, touring and everyday use, made a crucial financial and material contribution to the success of BikeAbout — comfortable, ergonomically-designed saddles.
Wheeler Worldwide
Wheeler WorldwideWheeler Worldwide provided the BikeAbout team with bicycles for their adventure. "La Maison du Velo" of Paris, a well-reputed bike shop and Wheeler dealer, played a crucial sponsorship role in helping BikeAbout assemble and fully outfit the bikes.
La Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l'Homme (Foundation for the Progress of Humankind) (FPH)
La Fondation pour le Progres d l'HommeFPH's action and thinking is focused on the relationship between the accumulation of knowledge and the progress of humankind in seven areas: the future of the planet, intercultural encounters, social innovation and change, state-society relations, grassroots farming, the struggle against social exclusion, and building peace. FPH provided crucial financial support. [See also Alliance for a Responsible and United World and our press release.]

BikeAbout depends on the generous support of businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in the BikeAbout mission. The entities listed here have offered time, money, products and services, or simply their endorsement, to our effort. We thank them.

Participating Organizations


Alliance for a Responsible and United World

Alliance for a Responsible and United World The Alliance has issued a call to overcome the feeling of helplessness produced by the crises humankind is facing, and has taken up the challenge of building a common future, where we live in peace in a world of diversity.

Youth Workshop for a Responsible and United World

Youth Workshop The Youth Workshop is a global youth movement, a network without any central structure. It brings together, with total democracy and equality, individuals, organizations and networks working for a better world. For more about the Youth Workshop, click here. BikeAbout was until 2002 the American coordinator for the Youth Workshop for a Responsible and United World.

UNESCO World Heritage Centre
UNESCO World Heritage Centre
The UNESCO World Heritage Centre's primary mission is to define and conserve the world's heritage by drawing up a list of sites whose outstanding values should be preserved for all humanity and to ensure their protection through a closer co-operation among nations. These cultural and natural sites constitute a common heritage to be treasured as unique testimonies to an enduring past, and important to our survival and enjoyment in the future. [For more information, please read our press release.]

Organization of World Heritage Cities

Organization of World Heritage Cities The Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), currently composed of 134 cities, was created to assist member cities adapt and improve their management methods in relation to the specific requirements of having a site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. [For more information, please read our press release.]


I*EARN (International Education and Resource Network) links young people worldwide to enable them to collaborate on projects that make a meaningful difference in the quality of life on the planet. I*EARN has encouraged its schools along the bike route to participate in this project and has created an on-line Conference (newsgroup) to enable those without WWW access to participate in this project. For information, send e-mail to:

In addition to the organizations listed here, many organizations in the countries BikeAbout is visiting are part of our team. Please choose a country or region to see a list of these entities.

bulletUnited States

Special thanks to:

Helen Curtis; Nicolas Clifford, Brigitte Bruneau, Laura Malone & Jacqueline Sirven of Blue Marble Travel; Chris Mooney & Clara Young; Agusti Nicolau Coll; Rebecca Wagers; Mike Schloff; Ron Bashford; Charity Edwards; Jessica Safran; Andreas Lachnit; Keir Dougall; Margot Landman; Price Waldman; J.R. Lara (creator of the rider cartoons); Michael Hallett; Alex List; Markus Gruber; Will Kreth of Time Warner Cable of Maine; Richard Biles & Ken Maldonado of Circum-Arts Foundation; Lauren Goldstein & Jeff Ballow at CauseEffective; the 2xPeters (Langmann, Mayr); and Dean J. De Gennaro.

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