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BikeAbout-the Mediterranean was a nine-month, 11,000-kilometer circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea... by bicycle. Two members of the BikeAbout team (andrEa and Corinne) visited Rhodes from February 6, 1998 to February 8, 1998. The entire BikeAbout team visited mainland Greece from March 5, 1998 to March 30, 1998. To read about what happened, see any of the following trip dispatches:

bulletFebruary 2-8, 1998, Paphos, Cyprus & Rhodes, Greece
Topics: wildlife, Mediterranean Sea, ferry travel, Greek mythology, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
bulletMarch 5-6, 1998, Thessaloniki, Greece
Topics: media, antiquities, King Philip II of Macedon, history, alphabet
bulletMarch 7-8, 1998, Larisa, Greece
Topics: salanaki (food), sports, Mount Athos (Agios Oros), Greek Orthodox monasteries, salt and bikes, travel, mythology
bulletMarch 9-10, 1998, Athens, Greece
Topics: frappé (food of the day), Pericles, Sparta, Athens, History, olives, media
bulletMarch 11-12, 1998, Athens, Greece
Topics: kaltsounia (food), intricacies of the Greek language, velodrome, "Greek" vs. "Hellenic", Crete, "kafeneio", AEGEE, Erasmus, cultural exchange
bulletMarch 13-14, 1998, Athens, Greece
Topics: tzatziki (food), Greek restaurants, Katerina (Person of the Day), Acropolis/Parthenon, HISTORY, "No Limits World," a quick tour of Athens, Greek-Turkish relations
bulletMarch 15, 1998, Athens, Greece
Topics: tiropitakia (food), museum for the blind, village life, Internet, antiquities, National Archaeological Museum, Homer, Ptolemy, minotaur, Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations, Corinth
bulletMarch 16-17, 1998, Nafplio, Greece
Topics: Epidaurus, amphitheater architecture, South Eastern Mediterranean Sea Project UNESCO, Corinth Canal, Nero, school visits, environment, Asclepius
bulletMarch 18-19, 1998, Langadia, Greece
Topics: Nafplio, Venetian Fortresses, biking in snow, Arcadia region, Tripoli, Pan the god of good times, peaceful mountains
bulletMarch 20, 1998, Olympia, Greece
Topics: souvlaki (food), Olympic Games, Wonders of the Ancient World, the Greek gods
bulletMarch 21-22, 1998, Patras, Greece
Topics: tighanopsomo (food), Delphi, Apollo, oracle, equinox
bulletMarch 23-25, 1998, Ioannina, Greece
Topics: loukoumi (food), Independence Day, Ioannina, HISTORY, Ottoman Empire, transportation, bicycle race, daily life, Perama Cave
bulletMarch 26, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: Ioannina High School, wax museum, George Tselikas (Person of the Day), dangerously strong winds, Konitsa at night
bulletMarch 27, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: grilled meat (food), the Town Hall and Mayor of Konitsa, earthquakes, school presentations
bulletMarch 28, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: provatina (food), kayaking, hiking, Vikos-Aoös National Park, nightlife
bulletMarch 29, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: fresh stewed green beans (food), parasailing, lift, thermals, the Sky
bulletMarch 30, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: Bekri meze (food), schoolchildren, Greek playground games, parasailing

In addition to reading these dispatches, we encourage you to visit these resources:

bulletBikeAbout Greece Scrapbook
Photos and sounds gathered by the BikeAbout team; maps of Greek coast.
bulletAbout Greece
Basic facts about Greece's government, economy, and people; links to other sources of information on the 'Net. Compiled by BikeAbout.

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