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BikeAbout depends on the generous support of businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in the BikeAbout mission. The entities listed here offered their time to our effort. We thank them.

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Participating Organizations


Alliance for a Responsible and United World

Alliance for a Responsible and United World The Alliance has issued a call to overcome the feeling of helplessness produced by the crises humankind is facing, and has taken up the challenge of building a common future, where we live in peace in a world of diversity.

UNESCO World Heritage Centre
UNESCO World Heritage Centre
The UNESCO World Heritage Centre's primary mission is to define and conserve the world's heritage by drawing up a list of sites whose outstanding values should be preserved for all humanity and to ensure their protection through a closer co-operation among nations. These cultural and natural sites constitute a common heritage to be treasured as unique testimonies to an enduring past, and important to our survival and enjoyment in the future. [For more information, please read our press release.]

Organization of World Heritage Cities

Organization of World Heritage Cities The Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), currently composed of 134 cities, was created to assist member cities adapt and improve their management methods in relation to the specific requirements of having a site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. [For more information, please read our press release.]


I*EARN (International Education and Resource Network) links young people worldwide to enable them to collaborate on projects that make a meaningful difference in the quality of life on the planet. I*EARN has encouraged its schools along the bike route to participate in this project and has created an on-line Conference (newsgroup) to enable those without WWW access to participate in this project. For information, send e-mail to:


GEWI-LAB, K.F.-Uni Graz

GEWI-LAB, K.F.-Uni Graz


Dia - Initiatives and Dialogue
DIAB.P. 170
13474 Marseilles Cedex 02
Tel: +33 4 91 90 78 00

CyberNet Café
Elefterias, 79
Tel: ++357 -5 -74 50 93
Fax: ++357 -5 -74 51 89
E-mail :
thanks to Makis Charalambous!

theatro cyber café
15A Vasiliou Voulgaroctonou
Tel: ++357 -2 -477 174
E-mail : theatro@Cyber-café

Internet Café
17a Limassol Avenue
Tel: ++357 -2 -33 99 36
thanks to Yiannos & Leonidas!

1 Dr Ali Ibrahim Ramez St
Tel: (202) 244 3918

El Nasra Ex-English Secondary School for Girls
attn. Ms Nehal Zaher, English teacher
32, Abou Bakr El Saddiq St.

Hailander Cafeteria
Th. Sofouli & Gramou
GR 85100 Rhodes
Tel: ++30 -241 -36201
E-mail: café
thanks to Nikos Papatheodorakis!

Assocation Marocaine d'Echange Mutidisciplinaire pour l'Environnement et le Dveloppement (Moroccan Multidisciplinary Exchange Association for the Environment and Development) (AMED)
Mr. Driss Merzaby, Secretary-General
B.P. 7813
Rabat-Dar Al Hadith, Morocco
Tel: +212 7 69.03.98 (Mr. Driss Merzaby)
Fax 1: +212 7 77.51.95 (IAV / Chez Mr. Abdellah Herzenni)
Fax 2: +212 7 77.40.03 (DF / Attention: Mr. Mohammed Fezzazz)

Maison de Jeune - Tanger
Mr. Hassan Hajoub, Director
Avenue Hassan II, No. 1
Tangier, Morocco

Association Fadaat
Mr. Jamal Noureddine Bouznakar
Tangier, Morocco
Tel: +212 9 34.03.70
Fax: +212 9 34.03.72

Association Espaces pour le Developpement et la Culture
Mr. Said El Farissi, Vice President
ZK. 15, No. 8 Souami
Tangier, Morocco
Tel: +212 9 36.02.00
Fax: +212 9 33.55.60

Mr. Said El Hammouti, Directeur-Concessionnaire
62, Boulevard Mohammed V
Al Hoceima, Morocco
Tel: +212 9 98.05.70

Computer Club of Al Hoceima
46, rue Tetouan
Al Hoceima, Morocco
Tel: +212 9 98.09.79

Institut Nekor-bit
Informatique de Gestion
Mr. Khalid El Bachrioui, Directeur-Entreprenant
69, rue Salah Eddine El Ayoubi
Al Hoceima, Morocco

AZ Micro (Computer/Internet Center)
Mr. Abbou Said, Director
25, rue Chouhada, Apt. 2
Berkane, Morocco
Tel/Fax: +212 6 61 86 33

English Resource Center
Mr. Mohammed Allal, Coordinator
Mr. Najib Bachiri
80 Route de Madagh
Hay Safaa
Berkane 60300
E-mail:, Subject: Attention Mr. Allal

Palestine (Gaza):
DIA/Diwan el Shabab
DIACenter for Initiatives and Dialogue
Emanuel Delpuech and Emad Ahmad, Co-coordinators
El Nassr Street
Gaza City
Tel/Fax: +972 7 865.621
Diwan el Shabab is the Center for Initiatives and Dialogue opened in Palestine by Dia in January of 1997. DIA is a French NGO that works with Mediterranean youth in the "citizenship" field.

The Palestinian Authority, Ministry of Youth and Sport
Dr. Ahmad Yaziji, Deputy Minister
Tel: +972 7 826.668
Fax: +972 7 822.736

Modern Electric Company (MECo.) Modern Electronic Co.Muneeb T. Abu-Ghazaleh, General Manager
167 Abu-Ghazaleh Building
P.O. Box 1163
Gaza, Palestine
Tel: +972 7 821.209
Fax: +972 7 827.650
MECo. is an authorized Compaq Dealer and represents PalNet in Gaza. Special thanks also to: Samer, Mohamed, Ashraf and others at MECo. who were invaluable in their help.

PC-World Corporation PC-World CorporationEl Nasr and Wihda Crosspoint
Gaza City, Palestine
Tel/Fax: +972 7 824.229

Pizza Land Pizza LandAtt: Samir H. Saqqa
Remal El-Jundi El-Majhul Park
Gaza, Palestine
Tel: +972 7 863.426


Adwaa (graphic design and print shop) AdwaaAtt: Mr. Emad Eshargawi
El Nasr St, beside PECDAR
Gaza City, Palestine
Tel/Fax: +972 7 823.564
E-mail :

Alhyat Aljadedah ("New Life" newspaper)
Khaled Abdallah, Cultural Editor
Hider Abdelshafi Square
Seaside, Gaza City
Tel: +972 7 824.364
Fax: +972 7 824.374

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East
Lynn Failing, Head, Public Information Office
UNRWA Headquarters
P.O. Box 371
Gaza City
Tel: +972 7 677.7526
Fax: +972 7 669.1167

Palestinian Model Parliament - Women and Law
Att: Ms. Nahed Abu Ta'imah
Near Ministry of Information
Gaza City, Palestine
Tel/Fax: +972 7 862.475

Khan Younis College of Education
Main Street
Khan Younis, Gaza Strip

Khan Younis Services Center
Youth Sports Club
Al Baher St
Khan Younis, Gaza Strip

Al Azhar University
Gaza City, Palestine

Ithad Shabab Al Istiqlal
(Independent Youth Union - Jabalia)
Jabalia Camp
Gaza Strip

Shatti Camp Services Center
Youth Sport Club!
Shatti Camp
Gaza Strip

Palestine (West Bank):
Christian Peacemaker Teams (Hebron)

Alternative Tourism Group
P.O. Box 173
Beit Sahour
West Bank, Via Israel
Tel: +972 2 277-2151
Fax: +972 2 277-4143

Palestinian Centre for Rapprochement Between People
P.O. Box 24
Church Street
Beit Sahour
Fax: +972 2 277.2018

Federation Tunisienne Sport pour Tous
Mr. Belhassan Lassoued, President
Directeur de la Cooperation Internationale
Ministere de la Jeunesse et de l'Enfance
Tel: +216 1 846.054
Fax: +216 1 844.097

Association Sauvegarde de la Medina de Tunis
24, rue du Tribunal
1006 Tunis
Tel: +216 1 56.36.18
Fax: +216 1 56.09.65

Agence Nationale de Mise en Valeur et d'Exploitation du Patrimoine Archeologique et Historique
20, rue 8010
Montplaisir 1002 Tuni-Belvedere
Tel: +216 1 782.264

Agence Tunisienne de Communication Exterieure
3 rue Jean-Jaures
Tel: +216 1 345-866

Centre of Arab and Mediterranean Music
"Ennejma Ezzahra"
Baron d'Erlanger Palace
8, rue du 2 Mars 1934
2026 Sidi Bou Said
Tel: +216 1 746.051
Fax: +216 1 746.490

Maison des Jeunes - Hammamet
Att: Mr. Habib Mejdouba, Director
Avenue Assad Ibn El Fourat
8050 Hammamet
Tel: +216 2 280.440
Fax: +216 2 278.960

Maison des Jeunes - Sousse
Att: Mr. Tarchouni Ridha, Director
Boulevard Taieb Mheri
4000 Sousse
Tel: +216 3 227.548
Fax: +216 3 226.620

Maison des Jeunes - Kairouan
Att: Mr. Noureddine Yahyaoui, Director
Rue Fes
3100 Kairouan
Tel: +216 7 228.239

Centre des Stages et des Vacances - Gabes
Att: Mr. Ali Nasfi, Director
Rue de l'Oasis
6000 Gabes
Tel: +216 5 270.271
Fax: +216 5 275.035

United States

The Educational Alliance


Servas is an international network of hosts and travelers building peace and understanding by providing opportunities for personal contact between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

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