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BikeAbout depends on the generous support of businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in the BikeAbout mission. The entities listed here offered time, money, products and services to our effort. We thank them.

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Robert J. Whitney
Turf & Spa Motel
140 Broadway (at Lincoln Avenue), Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: (518) 584-2550 or (800) 972-1229 Fax: (518) 584-2560
Location: I-87, Exit 13N, just south on US 9
Blanche and Samuel Gelber
Noah Gelber
Gerald and Carol Ziehmke
Kurt and Grete Siegl
Eric Savolainen
Helen Curtis
Hooper Foundation
Robin Weinberg and Todd Pines
Yetta and Morris Gelber
Judith Baum
Russell Pullen
Peter and Mary Doyle
Derek Blakeley
Susan Choe and Alex Chung
Cynthia Mitchell
Katherine Jacobs and Patrick Stanton
Arun Amar, M.D.
Diane Biagianti
Michael Schloff
Margot Landman
Lawrence and Donna Gelber
Maura Leeds
Doris Wethers, M.D.
Lauren Goldstein
Leonard D. Scloff, M.D.
Beverly and Larry Thomas
Edward Harvitt
Fred and Beverly Chelcun
Minna and Joseph Mukamal
Ruth M. Woolfe
Jo Miller and Leland Glenna
Laura and Robert McGrory-Van Wie
David Fares
Greg Jacobs
Andrew Haas
Lois Gilman
Robert P. Doyle
Dr. Annette B. and Ambassador S. Maxwell Finger
Esther Staudenmayer
Janet and Bernard Norwood
Robert Hainer
Morris Dorsky
Helene and Maurice Tuchman
Elysa Marden
Katherine Freedman
Rachel Raia
Lael and Charles Chester
Mark O'Keefe
Jean and Addison Cate
Lauren Abes
Kirstin Hornby
Bruno Bertani

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