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BikeAbout depends on the generous support of businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in the BikeAbout mission. The entities listed here offered products or services to our effort. We thank them.

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Casio Casio
Casio made five QV-300 LCD digital cameras available to the BikeAbout team, helping assure the transfer of the latest visual data to the BikeABout Web site. See our Gallery for links to photographs.

Iomega Iomega
Iomega contributed Zip drives and cartridges. These portable drives and their 100 Meg disks made possible the storage and back-up of multimedia files.

Magellan Systems Corporation Magellan Systems Corporation
Magellan offered the use of its portable and easy-to-use Magellan GPS 2000 XL Satellite Navigator. This was vital for the riders when providing daily latitude and longitude readings as part of the daily dispatches.

Nogatech NogaTech
Nogatech contributed four of its ConferenceCards to aid in the video capture process. See our Gallery for links to photographs captured using Nogatech technology.

TeleAdapt TeleAdapt Logo
TeleAdapt provided a full collection of its telephone adapters, phone plug adapters, and acoustic couplers and power plug adapters.


Daedalus Design Group
Daedalus Design Group Daedalus Design Group provided Web site design, production and administration services to BikeAbout. Artwork for the site was created by Dave Beaudoin.

EMaze Software Corp.
E-maze donated the full commercial version of the WebThread product for use in creating and moderating Web-based threaded discussions among BikeAbout participants and observers.

Progressive Networks Progressive Networks
Streaming video of the BikeAbout the Mediterranean Journey for eDscape's education project, Mediterranean Fieldtrip, was made possible by Progressive Networks, today know as Real Video. Their donation to this project includes technical production and server storage of BikeAbout the Mediterranean video.

VDONet donated its 3.0 version of VDOPhone video conferencing software.

X-Line Software Powered by Atomik Kafe
X-Line Software, a Brooklyn-based Internet consulting firm, donated a pre-release version of its dynamic publishing server (Atomik Kafe) to help maintain the Bikeabout site, allowing for automated updates of images, sound clips and rider entries.

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