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BikeAbout depends on the generous support of businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in the BikeAbout mission. The entities listed here offered time, money, products or services to our effort. We thank them.

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Adventure Medical Adventure Medical
P.O. Box 43309, Oakland, CA 94624, Tel. (800) 324-3517, Fax (510) 632-1284
Adventure Medical sent two of its Comprehensive first-aid kits along with the riders.

Air-Tech, Ltd.
Air-Tech logo
Air-Tech offered "space-available" flight options to the BikeAbout riders.

Lonely Planet Publications
Lonely Planet logo
Lonely Planet was pleased to donate a selection of guidebooks dealing with the Mediterranean region.

Pelican Products, Inc. Pelican Products logo
Pelican donated one of its tough watertight equipment cases for the protection of the riders' computers.

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