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The BikeAbout site uses icons to link to resources on this site and the sites of our partner organizations. Click on the icon to view the linked resource.

About BikeAbout
Clicking on this text will take you to a part of the BikeAbout site that contains general information about the organization. There is a copy of our proposal for BikeAbout The Mediterranean (our first journey, it concluded on July 1, 1998), a series of press releases and links to online articles that have been written about us, a form you can use to offer your assistance to BikeAbout or suggest resources we should include in our site, and profiles of the BikeAbout riders and our webmaster.

Mediterranean Journey
Clicking on this text will take you to the online resources of BikeAbout The Mediterranean, our inaugural journey. In this area you will find reports from the road, a gallery of sights and sounds the bicyclists gathered along the way, discussion groups, the trip itinerary, profiles of the countries around the Mediterranean, and links to resources about those countries. There is more about how to navigate through this area of the site later in this document.

BikeAbout Partners
Clicking on this text will take you to a list of individuals, companies and organizations who contributed to the success of BikeAbout's inaugural journey. We hope you will take the time to read about these partners and sponsors. Many of them provide additional resources on the Web that we believe will be of interest to you.

Navigating BikeAbout The Mediterranean

What follows is a list of icons in the Mediterranean Journey area of the BikeAbout site. Use these icons to navigate through the BikeAbout Mediterranean resources. To access rider reports:
  • Go to the itinerary and click on the date of the entry you want to read, or
  • Go to the Mediterranean Journey home page and click on a country flag to go to a list of reports for that country.

Country Flags

Albanian flagAlbania
French flagFrance
Libyan flagLibya
Spanish flagSpain
Algerian flagAlgeria
Greek flagGreece
Monaco's flagMonaco
Syrian flagSyria
Bosnian flagBosnia
Israeli flagIsrael
Moroccan flagMorocco
Tunisian flagTunisia
Croatian flagCroatia
Italian flagItaly
Palestinian flagPalestine
Turkish flagTurkey
Egyptian flagEgypt
Lebanese flagLebanon
Slovenian flagSlovenia
Yugoslavian flagYugoslavia

map icon View a map. World Heritage Site icon Jump to World Heritage Site page (UNESCO).
BikeAbout Gallery View a photo. World Heritage City icon Jump to Organization of World Heritage Cities (OVPM) page
video icon View a video clip. Resource Library Jump to BikeAbout country resource page.
audio icon View a sound clip.

BikeAbout Itinerary & Journal Jump to the BikeAbout Itinerary
The BikeAbout itinerary lists where the riders visited, listed by date. You can use the itinerary to jump to a particular day's journal entry. If there is a journal entry for that date, the date will be a hotlink to that report. Click on the date to access the report. A list of topics for the report is shown next to the listing to help you decide which reports might interest you. The topic list is not complete, but does identify some of the highlights. If you click on the itinerary icon while you are reading a journal entry, you will automatically jump to the section of the itinerary for that country. To see the rest of the itinerary, scroll up or down through the page.
Discussion Groups Jump to the Discussion List
BikeAbout's partners and other organizations have set up discussion areas on the Internet that relate to BikeAbout themes. There is even a link to the eDscape site, where you will find archives of the weekly live chat sessions the BikeAbout riders held while they were on the road. Click on the Discussions icon to jump to a list of these discussions.
Resource Library Jump to the BikeAbout Resource Library
We have compiled a list of Web sites for each of the countries of the Mediterranean. These can include sources of maps, travel information, weather reports, history and culture, and image libraries. There are also links to projects the riders worked on while they were on the road. If you click on this icon while you are reading a journal entry, you will automatically jump to the resource page for that country. To see a complete list of resource pages, click Resource Library. Hint: Click on the country graphic at the top of a country resource page to jump to the BikeAbout home page for that country!
eDscape Projects Jump to eDscape
The folks at eDscape have created interactive curriculum based on the BikeAbout trip. There are country quests, projects for students, and a variety of other activities and opportunities for discussion. Clicking on the eDscape icon will take you to the home page of eDscape's Mediterranean Fieldtrip area.
BikeAbout Scrapbook Jump to the BikeAbout Gallery
As the BikeAbout riders bicycled around the Mediterranean, they recorded the sights and sounds surrounding them. We have compiled a list of all these images, audio and video clips. The files are listed by country, with captions and file sizes to help you choose which ones you want to view. If you click on this icon while you are reading a journal entry, you will automatically jump to the section of the gallery for that country.
Go to Previous Journal PageGo to Next Page Page Through the Journal
The BikeAbout riders wrote reports as they traveled, which were then posted in the Mediterranean Journey portion of the BikeAbout site. Near the bottom of each journal page, you will find this icon pair. The arrow that points to the left ("Back") will take you to the previous day's report. The arrow that points to the right ("Next") will take you to the next day's report, if one is available. If you are viewing the last available report, the arrow that points to the right will return you to the Mediterranean Journey home page. If you want to view a more in-depth report for that day, click "Read Rider Notes." The rider notes include more detail about things on the Fast Facts page and additional details about the day's journey.
Andrea cartoon Anthony cartoon Corinne cartoon Ethan cartoon Padraic cartoon
andrEa Anthony Corinne Ethan Padraic

These icons link to pages for each of the BikeAbout riders. The rider page includes a biography of the rider, links to reports written by the rider, and links to rider projects.

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