BikeAbout the Mediterranean: Yugoslavia (Montenegro)

Yugoslavia (Montenegro)

BikeAbout-the Mediterranean was a nine-month, 11,000-kilometer circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea... by bicycle. The BikeAbout team was unable to visit Yugoslavia. To read about what happened, see any of the following trip dispatches:

bulletMessage from Ethan Gelber
Topics: BikeAbout's attempts to visit Yugoslavia, why they were prevented from visiting.
bulletA Day in Yugoslavia
Topics: At our invitation, our friend Biljana Ackovski Petrovic has contributed a BikeAbout-style report about what our team might have experienced had they been able to travel to Yugoslavia. The report was written during the late summer by Biljana Ackovski Petrovic, now living in Munich but once a resident of the city of Belgrade, capitol of Serbia, who returned to Yugoslavia in the summer of 1998. She provides a look at a typical day in Yugoslavia.

In addition to reading these dispatches, we encourage you to visit these resources:

bulletBikeAbout Yugoslavia Scrapbook
Maps of Yugoslav coast.
bulletAbout Yugoslavia
Basic facts about Yugoslavia's government, economy, and people; links to other sources of information on the 'Net. Compiled by BikeAbout.

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