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April 1, 1996

BikeAbout has arrived!

BikeAbout, a member organization of the non-profit Circum-Arts Foundation, is dedicated to bringing new technology to bear in education and the pursuit of peace and international cooperative understanding in the Mediterranean through intercultural communication and bicycling.

BikeAbout is on a drive to collect materials, funds and enthusiasm for its inaugural endeavor (BikeAbout--The Mediterranean) and future expeditions. We look forward to the possibility of a fruitful collaboration with you, and your eventual support.

BikeAbout--The Mediterranean was a full circumnavigation of the Mediterranean by bicycle. It was an international expedition and a team effort whose primary goal was to foster a better understanding of and sense of unity in the Mediterranean through the intelligent and constructive use of modern technology and cycling.

BikeAbout brings people, technology, and the Mediterranean together through programmed presentations, safe cycling "clinics," real-time online "chats" and conferences, and the BikeAbout Web site. BikeAbout reaches out directly to the families of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, as well as to other citizens of the world through the Internet. Students, teachers, and others can follow the adventure via the Internet, learn about the region and its remarkable history and cultures, and develop lasting contacts.

Join BikeAbout (really and virtually) as we revisit old places from a new perspective!

Additional information about BikeAbout is available at this Web site. For more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal.


Ethan Gelber
Director, BikeAbout

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