What Does BikeAbout Do?

BikeAbout increases awareness about a world region by bicycling around (or about) it, carrying and using computers that can be linked to the world.

Assisted by BikeAbout country hosts and in cooperation with local, national, and international groups, riders promote BikeAbout beliefs, as well as themes important to collaborating individuals, programs, companies, and organizations through a series of scheduled events.

BikeAbout brings together people, technology and bicycling through the following:

  • talks, lectures, presentations and class discussions
    • information and materials currently in development
  • demonstrations, with laptop computers, of basic online services:
    • electronic mail (email): for basic and essential Internet communication
    • Internet research and communication protocols
    • the World Wide Web: for research, conferencing and amusement
    • online "chats'' (with audio-visual links when possible): IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Web chats, live conversation
  • the BikeAbout home page on the World Wide Web, which is the link between schools everywhere that use BikeAbout events in their curricula, serves as an information clearing-house for a BikeAbout web of understanding:
    • links, conferences, curricular and cultural information, etc.
  • bicycle safety and maintenance clinics, followed by short rides in host areas

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