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BikeAbout-the Mediterranean was a nine-month, 11,000-kilometer circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea... by bicycle. The BikeAbout team visited Monaco on June 1, 1998. To read about what happened, see any of the following trip dispatches:

bulletMay 31 - June 1, 1998, Valbonne, France
Topics: tapenade (food), Monaco, Grimaldi family, French Riviera, more rain, Menton, Côte d'Azur, Monaco, Cannes

In addition to reading these dispatches, we encourage you to visit these resources:

bulletBikeAbout Monaco Scrapbook
Photos and sounds gathered by the BikeAbout team; maps of Monaco coast.
bulletAbout Monaco
Basic facts about Monaco's government, economy, and people; links to other sources of information on the 'Net. Compiled by BikeAbout.

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