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BikeAbout-the Mediterranean was a nine-month, 11,000-kilometer circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea... by bicycle. The BikeAbout team visited Malta on November 14, 1997. To read about what happened, see any of the following trip dispatches:

bulletNovember 14-15, 1997, Valletta, Malta
Topics: fenek (food), Valletta, Knights of the Order of Saint John, Crusades, HISTORY, architecture, megalithic temples, Phoenicians, daily life

In addition to reading these dispatches, we encourage you to visit these resources:

bulletBikeAbout Malta Scrapbook
Photos and sounds gathered by the BikeAbout team; maps of Maltese coast.
bulletAbout Malta
Basic facts about Malta's government, economy, and people; links to other sources of information on the 'Net. Compiled by BikeAbout.

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