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Teacher Resources

bulletClassroom Connect
"The premier Web site for K-12 teachers and students..." information on using technology in the classroom. Links to resources.
bulletEducation World
A searchable index of over 56,000 education-related sites.
bulletePALS Classroom Exchange
E-mail exchange program for students and teachers; index to teacher resources on the Web.
bulleteSchool News
The K-12 decision maker's technology and internet newspaper.
bulletGlobal Education Forum
Bi-monthly on-line debate on education issues, open to parents, teachers and other interested parties. Forum is conducted in Spanish, Catalan and English. Other languages may be added as facilitators are found.
bulletInternet Sleuth: Education
This site presents interfaces to a number of education search engines and databases. You can construct you searches on the Internet Sleuth site without having to go to each site separately. A great time-saver!
bulletLearning Link
"Learning Link is a place for educators to find curriculum resources, professional development, research and grant opportunities, and to exchange ideas." Learning Link is based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and sponsored by WHRO, the Hampton Roads Educational Telecommunications Association, and the Consortium for Interactive Instruction. Includes a link to Bay Link, an area with lesson plans and activities to learn about the Chesapeake Bay estuary.
bulletStudy Web
A searchable index of over 58,000 "reasearch quality" Web sites, reviewed, categorized and ranked by grade level. Information about using Internet technology in the classroom.
bulletCommunity of Learners
The Community of Learners Network have been helping schools in Brunswick, Maine, and neighboring towns get connected to the Internet and learn how to use this technology in the schools, both for communication and for learning. Their Web site includes useful information for teachers, administrators and policy makers.

Technology Sources

bulletApple's Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow
bulletAT & T EasyLink Service's Learning Network
bulletMicrosoft's "The Connected Learning Community" & Road Ahead Program
bulletGlobal SchoolHouse and Global SchoolNet Foundation
bulletNational School Network
Organized by the BBN Corporation and funded by the National Science Foundation
bulletNetDay '96
bulletIBM's Reinventing Education
bulletCisco Systems' Virtual Schoolhouse Grant Program

Virtual Trips & Online Curriculum

bulletOther Cycling Expeditions
These sites track the progress of teams of cyclists who are making or have made bike expeditions in various parts of the world.
bulletBikeAbout's Mediterranean Journey
bulletAfrica Live 98
From the 10th of July to the 13th of August 1998, a group from Cheltenham College in Britain trekked across southern Africa. Their diary is available on their archive site.
From October 5 to November 13, 1998, a group is mountain-biking in Africa's Rift Valley. The diary of their archaeological expedition is available on the CNN Interactive Web site at Classrooms can purchase a subscription and register to have full access to the AfricaQuest Web site, including opportunities to interact with the team via e-mail.
bulletCrossing the Empty Quarter
In January 1999 a team set out to cross the vast sand desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Their Web site was created with help from the Calgary (Canada) Board of Education and offers trip reports and detailed curriculum for K-12 classrooms.
bulletCycling for Conservation
bulletDiscovery Channel School
Online projects and teacher resources.
eDscape, a project of Computer Curriculum Corporation, is an innovative education Web site designed to help teachers and students realize the full instructional potential of the Internet. All of CCCnet's interactive projects are based on national education standards and include online lesson plans for teachers. In addition to the interactive student projects, CCCnet offers an online community that fosters communication among educators.
"Global Cycle is a team of riders circumnavigating the globe via bicycle, providing children with an opportunity to build connections through interactive educational experiences, and fostering within them a passion for discovery."
Online projects and teacher resources.
bulletMinnesota Educational Computing Corporation (MECC)'s MayaQuest '97
bulletNew York Times Learning Network
Daily lesson plans related to featured articles. Lesson plan archives, parent discussion groups, and education news.
bulletOcean Challenge and Class Afloat
ThinkQuest offers student-created on-line learning projects on a variety of topics. Lesson plans are available, and teachers can submit their own lesson plans using a simple form. The projects on the site are contest winners and are very high quality, with a wealth of information and engaging interfaces. Visit the ThinkQuest Project Library or check out one of these projects:
EgyptWorld -- The Pyramids
The Hidden Killers -- Viruses
Volcanoes Online
bulletWorld Trek
Trip around the world, consisting of several smaller treks: Mexico (Fall 1998), Latin America (Spring 1999), Africa (Fall 1999), The Middle East (Spring 2000), India to China (Fall 2000). Site includes reports about the trip, opportunities for discussion, and teacher guides.


bulletThe Exploratorium's Science of Cycling
All about how bicycles work: gears, wheel technology, friction, braking, steering, and aerodynamics. Brought to you by the folks at San Francisco's Exploratorium on their ExploraNet® site.
bullet"Taking the Bully by the Horns"
A Web site and book to help young people deal with bullies, child-violence, and issues of self-esteem.

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