BikeAbout Awards

BikeAbout Awards

We are pleased to have been recognized by several organizations as being worthy of awards for content and design. BikeAbout Web awards include:

BikeAbout has been named a semi-finalist in the 4th Annual GII Awards. [Awarded 11/15/99]

The Surfers Choice Review Team has given the Surfers Choice Best of the Web Award for the "the concept at the heart of" BikeAbout. In the words of the judges, BikeAbout is "an interesting site with a very worthy project as it's main focus." [Awarded 4/23/98]

The Médaille d'Or has been given to BikeAbout because, in the words of the judges, the site is "...Interesting, entertaining and a great use for the WWW." We hope you agree! [Awarded 4/10/98]

The Cable & Wireless Childnet International Awards 1999 judges have named BikeAbout as one of only four "Commended Projects" in the Not-For-Profit category.

In March 1998, BikeAbout was interviewed by Jammin' ET3, a Greek national youth television show that has an international audience through satellite connections. They listed BikeAbout as one of their Cool Sites for March.

The Majon Web Select SEAL OF EXCELLENCE is given to Web sites that "exhibit intuition, graceful design, usefulness in information and/or reliable business services ... [are] well worth visiting and [are] considered to be outstanding in [their] presentation." [Awarded 11/26/97]

Bike+ing South America has listed BikeAbout among their five favorite bicycling Web sites for April 1998! [Awarded 5/31/98]

The Critical Mass Award is given to Web sites that display "good design, clever original graphics, and ... content [that] is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web." We are honored to be given this recognition. [Awarded 4/4/98]

The KJEM'S Most Treasured Site award is given to Web sites "on the basis of content, artistic originality and usefulness to the internet community." [Awarded 4/4/98]

The Worth a Peek award is given to Web sites that are deemed to be...well...worth a peek. [Awarded 4/4/98]

BikeAbout rated 5 bananas in winning Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence. According to Eddie, 5 bananas means "AWESOME Page!! ... excellent webpage design, graphic layout and content." To quote Eddie's comments on the BikeAbout site: "'Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence' is placed on pages like yours that offer great information to the internet, all within the use of an outstanding design. Your design and content are the most outstanding thing in such a professional looking site, which makes it one of the 'Excellent' pages on the web." Thanks Eddie! [Awarded 4/4/98]

The Enlightenment Award
[Awarded 4/4/98]
Nomination Members WS Award
[Awarded 4/4/98]

World Village Too Cool School House Educational Site for the week of December 21, 1997. Read the reprint (used by permission), and visit the World Village Web site

October 17, 1997--BikeAbout named HomePC magazine online's "Site of the Day." Read the review!

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